Thought Leadership

The GLI philosophy of museum leadership builds proficiency in three main areas: 1) Increasing self-awareness; 2) Understanding your institution’s strengths and challenges; and 3) Connecting your work to the larger museum field for the betterment of society.

In this Tedx Met talk, GLI alumna Sandra Jackson-Dumont (GLI 2002) delves into the area of self-awareness. Jackson-Dumont is currently the Sandra P. Rose Chairman of Education at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In her talk, she takes us back to her childhood when she first felt a “fear of being found out” – now widely known as “the imposter syndrome” that one in five people harbor within.

As you watch this video, reflect back on times in your career when you felt fear or anxiety about your performance as a museum leader, or when you felt that what you were doing was somehow not good enough. Are you comfortable self-identifying as a museum leader? Think of an instance when your fear or insecurity motivated you. How did it help you find inspiration and the tenacity to move forward on your own terms?

When the imposter syndrome rears its ugly head, consider how you can use your imagination to envision a new version of yourself where you stand in your full authenticity and power. Jackson-Dumont offers these three tips: 1) Remember you are not alone; 2) Growth and change always create anxiety. Use it to your advantage; and 3) Relax.

You have nothing to hide.